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Haiti Elections - Local Print Shops UPSET because Voting Ballots printed in Dubai...

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box Haiti Elections Update -- Many Haitian print shops are upset because the Haiti election ballots were printed all the way in Dubai, over 12,000 Km from Haiti, while the job was never offered to any local print shops... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP Nehemie Joseph says: They are trying to Kill me...

Néhémie Joseph Haiti Elections Update -- Electoral Council member Nehemie Joseph warns of an assassination plot by the Collective of REJECTED candidates... The man says they are trying to kill him... more »

Haiti is GO for Elections in August, CEP said...

PHOTO: Haiti - Candidat a la Presidene 2015 Haiti Elections Update -- The third shipment of election materials has just arrived in Haiti, the Electoral Council (CEP) said the legislative elections will happen on time on 9 August 2015... more »

Haiti President Martelly and Wife Sophia on a Private Trip to the United States

Presidential Couples Michel and Sophia Martelly meet Barack and Michelle Obama Haiti president Michel Martelly and his wife, First Lady Sophia Martelly, left Haiti Saturday, 20 June, on a PRIVATE trip to the United States... The National Palace communications bureau made the announcement but gave no details... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate Level Francois KICKED out Presidential Race due to Crack Cocaine Conviction in USA

PHOTO: Levelt Francois - Candidate for President of Haiti Haiti Elections Update - Citizen Level Francois has been KICKED out as a candidate for president of Haiti for having been convicted of possession and trafficking of crack and cocaine in the United States of America, the Electoral Council (CEP) reported in a Communiqué de Presse Friday... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate Jacky Lumarque REJECTED from approved list of Presidential Candidates

PHOTO: Haiti - Jacky Lumarque, Candidat a la Presidence 2015 Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for President Jacky Lumarque of Platform VERITE has been kicked out of the approved list of Presidential Candidates... The Electoral Council (CEP) decided to kick Lumarque out for lack of DECHARGE after he was approved to continue in the race... more »

Haiti Elections - Kick Jacky Lumarque out of the Presidential Elections, Many Political Parties wish...

PHOTO: Haiti - Jacky Lumarque, Candidat a la Presidence 2015 Haiti Elections Update - Rene Preval's candidate for president Jacky Lumarque is in the line of fire... Political parties Fanmi Lavalas, Fusion, Renmen Haiti and Platform Jistis all want Jacky Lumarque out of the elections on of the basis of DECHARGE... more »

Haiti - President Martelly admits he was AGAINST Construction of 3 Airports in Southern Haiti...

PHOTO: Haiti - Premier Roche la depoze pou construction yon Aeroport nan Ville Jeremie Haiti president Martelly admits he was against the construction of three airports in the South of Haiti. Martelly says he was FORCED to support these projects in public BUT they were NOT his choice... Say what??? more »

Haiti Elections - To Candidate Moise Jean Charles, he is Already President

Haiti Portrait - Senateur Moise Jean-Charles, La Mer Rouge? Haiti Elections Update - Former senator and candidate for president Moise Jean Charles says the elections is just a simple formality for him because he feel he has already won... Moise Jean Charles said in a press conference he that has absolutely no competition in these elections... Really??? more »

Haiti Elections - ARREST Laurent Lamothe, Andre Michel says...

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- Presidential Candidate Andre Michel is not satisfied with the ejection of Laurent Lamothe from the list of Candidates, he wants MORE... Andre Michel wants Laurent Lamothe arrested... more »