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UPDATE: Haiti - It's 5:00pm and Haiti Still does not have a President elected by Parliament

PHOTO: Haiti - Le Parlement Haitien en Assemble National Haiti Transition 2016 Update --- At 5:00pm, Saturday February 13 2016, the country is still waiting for the senators and deputes to vote for a provisional president. The lawmakers are still debating how the vote should be carried out... more »

Haiti - Steven Benoit di: Jodi a Parlement an ka tou EXPLOZE!

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit Nan Emission RANMASSE sou Caraibes FM Samedi 13 Fevrier a, Senatè Steven Benoit di: "Jodi a Parlement an ka tou EXPLOZE!" more »

Haiti - Parliament to Convene at 11am to Choose a New President of Haiti for 120 Days

PHOTO: Haiti Caricature - Senateur Bien Elu Fache The Haitian parliament is scheduled to convene in National Assembly at 11:00am this Saturday, 13 Feb 2016, to vote a new Provisional President for 120 days to replace president Michel Martelly whos term expired a week ago... more »

Haiti Politics - OPL Divided Over President-for-120-days Elections

PHOTO: Haiti OPL - Edgar Leblanc Fils, Sauveur Pierre Etienne Haiti political party OPL is very divided over the upcoming election by parliament to chose a President to replace president Michel Martelly for 120 days. Former OPL coordinator Edgar Leblanc Fils is a candidate while Current coordinator Sauveur Pierre Etienne, member of the G8, is flatly opposed to what is happening... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Senator Carl Murat Cantave Resigns from Commission to Elect President for 120 Days

PHOTO: Haiti - Senateur Carl Murat Cantave Lettre de Demission Haiti Transition 2016 Update -- Senator Carl Murat Cantave has resigned from the special bicameral commission to prepare the election of the interim president of the republic. Senator Cantave accuses the majority of the commission of allegiance to a candidate... more »

Haiti - Laurent Lamothe Answers: Do you want to take the Prime Minister's Job?

PHOTO: Laurent Lamothe - Prime Minister of Haiti Former Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe was recently asked in an interview: Do you want to take the Prime Minister's job? Read Laurent Lamothe's answer to that question... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Dejean Belizaire Joins list of Candidates for President-for-120-days at the last minute

PHOTO: Haiti - Dejean Belizaire Haiti Transition 2016 Update -- former Senate President Dejean Belizaire, 2005 candidate for president of Haiti, has decided to join the list of candidates for "President for 120 days" at the last very minute... more »

FLASH: Haiti - ONLY Jocelerme Privert and Edgar Leblanc Fils Pay $500,000 to become President

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Special Haiti Transition 2016 Update -- Out of 11 candidates for the 120-day Presidency, ONLY Senate president Jocelerme Privert and former OPL Senator Edgar Leblanc Fils have paid the $500,000 Gourdes to become the next President... Will the Senate VOTE a Senator as the next President of Haiti? more »

Haiti Transition - G8 Announces they WILL NOT Recognize New President to be Elected by Parliament

PHOTO: Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant Haiti Transition 2016 update -- More trouble in paradise... The group of 8 (G8) candidate who were opposed to the elections in Haiti have announced they will NOT recognize the powers of the new provisional president due to take office Sunday... Sauveur Pierre Etienne declares this is a "Coup d'Etat Parlementaire!" more »

New Haiti President to be installed on Valentines Day, 14 Feb 2016

Haiti Palais Nationale - 2 Men Nan Tet Haiti Transition 2016 update -- Haiti will definitely have a NEW President by Sunday, Valentines Day, 14 Feb 2016... Not a president chosen by the people but a provisional president that will be elected by Parliament for 120 days... more »