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Haitian with mental health problems stabs two police officers at a precinct

Haitian Police Car Canaan, Croix-des-bouquets Haiti -- 2 police officers were stabbed and an unidentified indivual fatally wounded at the Sous-Commissariat in Canaan Monday by an individual the media says has mental health issues. more »

COVID-19 : Haitian President will send 1.5 million dollars people in dire need of help

PHOTO: Haitian President Jovenel Moise in Miami Florida (USA) With the fear of coronavirus spreading in Haiti, many people are stranded around the country with no money. President Jovenel Moise will help. more »

Haiti government has USD 50 million ready to combat coronavirus

In order to combat the spread of coronavirus in the country, the government of the Republic of Haiti has an envelope of 50 million US dollars. more »

Haiti president Jovenel Moise holds news conference Friday about Coronavirus

Watch the national address of Haitian president Jovenel Moise as he talks about how Haiti is handling the coronavirus crisis and other government topics that the people of Haiti need to know. more »

The United States supports new Haiti Moise-Jouthe government

president  Jovenel Moise and his new prime minister Joseph Jouthe While some political actors in Haiti are upset about the choice of Joseph Jouthe as Prime Minister, the international community, including the United States, is showing support for the new Haitian government established by president Jovenel Moise. more »

VIDEO: A crying Prime Minister, Jean Michel Lapin says good bye to Public Service

Jean Michel Lapin, Premier Ministre A.I. With tears in his eyes, Haitian Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin said goodbye to public service after having served his country for 32 years. Watch the video. more »

Haiti opposition in battle order - New target is Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe

Andre Michel makes every attempt to get rid of President Jovenel Moise Opposition leader Andre Michel says the political battle continues against the new Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe whom he now considers an enemy of the opposition. more »

Haitian president promises a new government for the people

Jovenel Moise Speaking After countless negotiations and a dysfunctional Haitian parliament, president Jovenel Moise is promising another new government for the people. more »

President Jovenel Moise says goodbye to his Lapin!

Nominated Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin looks dazed and confused during Haiti Senate fight In a message posted Monday on Twitter, Haitian president Jovenel Moise thanked his former Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin for his services and set him free. Read what the president said. more »

New Haiti Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe is from Thomonde Haiti, Centre Department

Joseph Jouthe - Haiti Environment Minister Haitians from the Centre department of Haiti will be happy to know that Joseph Jouthe, the new Prime Ministers is from the town Thomonde, a commune in the Hinche Arrondissement, in the Centre department of Haiti. more »