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Haitian journalist asks US Diplomat all the hard questions

RSF journalist Yvener and Eric Stromeyer In a rarely seen manner, A Haitian journalist had the guts to ask a US diplomat all the hard questions that the Haitian people want to know. more »

The International is totally blind to the real situation in Haiti

Revolution Revolution The Haiti system of governance must be done with Haiti is in full revolution mode. The people are screaming for change. They hate the De Facto Prime minister, Ariel Henry. They want nothing to do with current government which they hold responsible for gang violence in Haiti. Yet, the United States and the rest of world is blind and deaf to the plea of the people. more »

Political Unrest Unfolds in Petion-Ville: Activist Rosemond Jean Leads Anti-Government Protest

Rosemond Jean leading a street protest in Petion-Ville Haiti Petion-Ville witnessed anti-government demonstrations spearheaded by political activist Rosemond Jean Wednesday, 30 January 2024. The protesters fervently demand the departure of Ariel Henry from power, creating a tense atmosphere in the streets. more »

Eric Stromayer's Call for Elections in Haiti Raises Concerns

Eric Stromayer may only be remembered for uttering Since assuming the role of US Chargé d'Affaires ad interim on July 3, 2022, Eric Stromayer has been advocating for elections in Haiti. However, Critics argue that calling for elections in the current political climate, dominated by figures unlikely to succeed in a fair vote, could result in rigged elections and the imposition of an unwanted leader on the Haitian population. more »

The same Steven Benoit who was raging for president Jovenel Moise to step down is now crying about Ariel Henry handing the country over to bandits

A political alliance between Andre Michel and Steven Benoit, established since August 2015 Former Haiti Senator Steven Benoit recently took to Twitter to voice his concerns about Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his Chief of Police Frantz Elbe being so evil that they are handing over more territory to the bandits. more »

What happened to the 500 new Haitian Army soldiers that began basic training back in January 2019?

The Haitian Armed Forces - Les Forces Armées d'Haiti The Haitian army was looking for a few good men, more than 4,000 registered, 500 were recruited and began basic training to be part of the first promotion of Haitian army soldiers of the Jovenel Moise era. Training of these 500 future young soldiers were supposed to start back in January 2019. That what Haiti Minister of Defense Enol Joseph said at the time. more »

A "robust use of force." is needed to restore law and order in Haiti, says UN chief Antonio Guterres

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, holding a press conference in Port-au-Prince Haiti In a report presented to the Security Council, as reported by Reuters, U.N. chief Antonio Guterres emphasizes the need for a "robust use of force." by a multinational police deployment and use of military assets is needed to restore law and order in Haiti. more »

Funeral of former Haiti President Boniface Alexandre held at the Cour de Cassation in Haiti

The funeral of Former Haitian President Boniface Alexandre 14 August 2023 On August 14, 2023, a solemn ceremony marked the funeral of the former Provisional President of the Republic, Boniface Alexandre, at the Cour de Cassation in Haiti. more »

Will Guy Philippe return to Haitian politics or Can he? Some people are wondering

The year is 2015 - Candidate for president Jovenel Moise campaigning with Candidate for Senator  Guy Philippe In the wake of Senator Guy Philippe's impending release from a six-year prison term in the United States, discussions about his potential return to Haitian politics are taking center stage. more »

Senator Guy Philippe gets early release from USA prison: Will he return to the Haitian political landscape?

The year is 2015 - Candidate for president Jovenel Moise campaigning with Candidate for Senator  Guy Philippe Guy Philippe, the Haitian Senator who never swore in, is set to be released from prison after serving a six-year sentence in the United States. With news of his imminent release and plans to re-enter Haiti, questions arise about the impact of his return on a country striving for stability and progress. more »