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Haiti Elections 2014- Installation of Electoral Bureau (BED) Members Begins

Haiti Politik - Martelly di li vle fè eleksyon, Zòt di li pa vle, se vre? In order for elections to be held in Haiti, electoral offices called BEDs (Bureau Electoral Departemental) must be installed in each department. That's what the Haiti electoral council (CEP) is doing now but, of course, this is Haiti and some political organizations are crying: "Hell no... They are not credible!" more »

Haiti wants to revise its 179 Years Old Penal Code, Updated since 1825

Haiti Code Penal Dates back to 1835 - True or False? Can you believe this? The Haiti criminal code (or penal code) is 179 years old... It has not changed 1825... Except 179 years ago there were no kidnapping, drive by shooting or none of that... The Haitian Government wants to revise the penal code. more »

Haiti - Senate Wencesclass Lambert says: I never said I would resign

Haiti Caricature - Senatè Wencesclass Lambert di: Mwen pat janm di mwen tap demisyone There were a lot of talks on Haitian radio about Senator Wencesclass Lambert saying he never said he would retire. The senator said it would be useless for him to resign alone without 4 other senators to render the senate Null and void... more »

Haiti - Senate Moise Jean Charles di Lampadaire Solaire yo klere pou 6 moi selman

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles Tande sa... Haiti - Senatè Moise Jean Charles di Lampadaire Solaire yo ke gouvenman Martelly Lamothe ap mete nan peyi a klere pou 6 moi selman... Ou panse se VRE sa li di a owsa se MANTI? more »

Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe to receive Innovative Leader of the Year Award

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Tries on Google Glass Some people will tell you Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is doing a bad job in Haiti... If this is true, then why is the Latin Trade BRAVO Business Awards, the "Oscars of Latin American Business," presenting the man with the Innovative Leader of the Year Award? Just asking... Read this from Haiti Libre... more »

Haiti Politics - If President Martelly cannot rule by decree and there are No elections, what happens in January 2015?

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles Let's think about this for a minute... In Haiti, The G6 Senators and the opposition are making lots of noise about the pressures they are getting from outside sources to vote on the electoral law. One senator, Moise Jean Charles said President Martelly cannot rule by decree, the Constitution forbids it... So... If President Martelly cannot rule by decree and there are No elections, what happens in January 2015? more »

Haiti Revocation - Rene Jean Jumeau, Ministre securite Energetique la pedi Job li

Rene Jean Jumeau - Ministre securite Energetique Haiti Nouvel la fèk tonbe... René Jean Jumeau, Ministre securité Energetique la fèk pèdi Job li dapre yon konimike ki soti nan primature... more »

Haiti - Manifestan nan Ti Goave kraze vit machine Ministre Reginald Delva

Haiti - Machine Ministre Reginald Delva Kraze nan Petit-Goave Tande koze mezanmi... Manifestan nan ville Petit Goave kraze vit machin officiel Minis Reginald Delva, Minis enteryè ak kolektivite teritoryal la, pandan li ta ale nan vil la pou pale ak dirijan yo ak kek manm nan opozisyon an... more »

Haiti - Is Focus on Aristide a Distraction from Elections Delays?

President Jean Bertrand Aristide The Miami Herald has just published two articles, both presenting the focus on Aristide on as a form of distraction from elections that is supposed to take place in Haiti but is seriously dragging... Despite election delays, one article title reads, Aristide remains the focus... Why is that? more »

U.S. Lawmakers wants Haiti Senate to vote Electoral Law

Haiti Elections Delayed The Senate of the Republic of Haiti has just received a letter from more than a dozen U.S. congressional lawmakers calling on the Senate to move forward with elections by voting for an electoral law so that elections can be held in Haiti... more »