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Haiti Police Chief Godson Orelus Criticized by RNDDH for wearing PINK at Gouvenman Lakay ou Miami

Haiti Police Chief Godson Orelus - Gouvenman Lakay ou Miami These days, PINK in Haiti these days means Tet Kale... And for the Haitian chief of police to join the staff of Gouvenman Lakay ou in Miami on stage wearing one of the pink shirt that was made for the occasion, that's sign of politicization of the National Police, RNDDH says... more »

Haiti Elections 2014 - STILL No Loi Electorale, The Senate cannot VOTE

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator Mezanmi... Haiti now has an full electoral council (CEP) but STILL NO Electoral LAW (Loi Electorale) because the Senators are still unable (perhaps UNWILLING) to vote on the law... Their last attempt Tuesday, 23 July 2014 failed... Why? No Quorum, meaning not enough Senators were present at the Senate to conduct the business of the Republic... more »

Haiti Elections 2014 - Max Mathurin Elected CEP President

Max Mathurin - President Haiti Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) The Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) has a new president and his name is Max Mathurin... This is the second time that Max Mathurin is elected president of the CEP... The first time was back in 2005-2007 when Gerard Latortue was Prime Minister and president Preval was re-elected... Election tet Dwat... RIGHT? more »

Haitian Politics - 112 days since the El Rancho Accord, NOTHING, NADA, ANYEN...

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini Haitian Politics... Something to think about... Since the signing of the El Rancho Accord the Executive branch made his changes within 10 days, The legislative and Judicial branch waited more than 100 days to make the changes... more »

FLASH - Haiti Depute Arnel Belizaire on a HUNGER STRIKE inside Parliament

Depute Arnel Belizaire, machette a la main, nan Manifestation Haiti Jeudi 19 Juin 2014 BREAKING NEWS... Haitian Depute Arnel Belizaire has just started a Hunger Strike Monday, 21 July 2014, from inside the Chamber of Deputes (Andedan Salle Seance Chanm Depute a) --- Wait until you hear his demands... more »

Haiti Elections - 4 New Electoral Council Members Swear in (Prestation se Serment)

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P Haiti election News - Four new electoral council (CEP) members were sworn in Friday at the Cour de cassation in Port-au-Prince... So now, we have ALL NINE (9) Haiti Electoral Council members sworn in... Will it finally be Election Tet Dwat??? more »

Some Haiti Senators complain Gouvenman Lakay Ou Miami was a waste of money

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit Some outspoken senators in Haiti came out speaking against Gouvenman Lakay ou in Miami this weekend saying that it is a waste of money... President Martelly, on the other hand, says it is a small price to pay to speak to the diaspora who contribute over one billion dollars to Haiti annually... more »

Haiti - List 16 Decision ki soti nan Gouvenman Lakay ou Miami

Haiti - Gouvenman Lakay Ou GOUVENMAN LAKAY OU MIYAMI - Sekretarya Jeneral Primati - Angajman ki sòti nan Gouvènman Lakay ou, Samdi 19 jiyè 2014 more »

Haitian Miami Diaspora Get Ready Gouvernman Lakay ou Saturday...

PHOTO: Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe nan Radio Miami - Gouvenman Lakay ou The Haitian Government is in Miami this weekend for a DIASPORA edition of Gouvenman Lakay ou... Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe was on Haitian radio this Friday speaking to the people and Saturday, July 19, 2014, the prime minister and other members of his Haitian government will be live at the North Miami Senior High School from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm to help the Diaspora understand what the government is doing in Haiti and, also, to hear their complaints and answer any questions they can... more »

Haiti Elections - Just when we though the CEP was Completed, More complications

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box I wanted to tell you that the Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) has been completed and President Martelly issued an "Arreté Présidentiel" Naming the two new members of the CEP and this time it's Election Tet Dwat... BUT... Unfortunately there is more trouble in paradise... more »