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Haiti Elections - DECHARGE is a PLOT to BAN Qualified Candidates from the Elections... True or False???

PHOTO: Haiti - Tonton Bicha pa gen DECHARGE Haiti Election Update -- The question of DECHARGE has become the hottest topic among journalists, politicians and political commentators across the country. Should candidates be allowed to participate in the upcoming elections without that famous DECHARGE that state agencies in charge are unable or incapable of providing.... more »

UPDATE: Haiti Radio Scoop FM retracted information that Platfom Pitit Desalin contested Laurent Lamothe Candidacy

PHOTO: Laurent Lamothe - Prime Minister of Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti Radio Scoop FM reported that Moise Jean-charles' Platfom Pitit Desalin has contested the Candidacy of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for President but later made a retraction... more »

Haiti Elections - Many Candidates Pledge Allegiance to President Martelly, Senator Francisco Delacruz says

Haiti Senateur Francisco de la Cruz Haiti Senator Francisco Delacruz said President Michel Martelly has at least 7 or 8 candidates in this year's Presidential Elections... Martelly is not sure who can win so he drops a bomb hoping someone makes it... more »

Haiti Elections - Actress Nice Simon Candidate for Mayor of Tabarre

I love you Anne Movie pictures Haiti Election Update -- Nice Simon, Anne from the movie "I Love you Anne" is a candidate for Mayor of Tabarre... Nice Simon is a candidate under the banner of Jean Henri Ceant's political party Renmen Ayiti in a Cartel by Tabarre Pasteur Sans Rancune more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe Candidacy Challenged by Platfom JISTIS

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at a Haitian Senate Hearing Haiti Election Update : Contestation -- Andre Michel's Platform JISTIS is challenging the candidacy of Laurent Lamothe for President on the basis that he has NO DECHARGE... Platform coordinator Jean Nazaire Tidé submitted the complaint against Lamothe to the Electoral Council (CEP). more »

Haiti Elections - Thierry Mayard-Paul dares CEP to Reject his Candidacy based on Decharge

Thierry Mayard-Paul Haiti Elections Update -- Presidential Candidate Thierry Mayard-Paul explained on Haiti radio Scoop FM the reason why he had to register with the Electoral Council (CEP) by Court ORDER with NO decharge and why the Electoral Council CANNOT reject his candidacy... The government, he says, is applying the theory of impossible formalities... more »

Haiti Elections - Desras considers himself a BIG Candidate in a Sea of Tiny Candidates...

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a Among the list of Presidential Candidates, former Senator Desras Simon Dieuseul considers himself a BIG candidate in a sea of tiny candidates... "Although I am a big candidate," Desras said, "I am obliged to accept to mix with all the little candidates, because we minimize the function..." more »

Haiti Elections 2015 - Liste des Candidats a la Presidence

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Mezanmi men list la... 71 Candidats a La Presidence pou Haiti Elections 2015 la... Tout moun ap di 70, se 71 li ye... Men list la, Non, Sexe, Date de Naissance, ak Parti Politique... more »

Haiti Elections 2015 - Total 71 Candidats a la Presidence!

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Haiti Election Update --- A total of 71 presidential candidates have registered with the CEP before the closing deadline... 71 candidates want to be President of the Republic of Haiti... Wow... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe has NO Decharge - How he Managed to register as a Presidential Candidate

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at a Haitian Senate Hearing The biggest issue in the case of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe running for President was: Will he get a Decharge? The answer is NO, he DID NOT... So how did Laurent Lamothe register as a candidate for President? We have the answer for you... LOL... more »