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Haiti - Another anti-Martelly Protest begins Thursday, 18 Dec 2014 - From Belair to Petionville

PHOTO: Haiti - Manifestation 18 Decembre 2014 The Haitian opposition takes to the streets one more time Thursday, 18 December 2014 to call for President Martelly to leave office... This is a protest that is supposed to end in Petionville instead of the National Palace, starting at Belair neighborhood... Will it reach Petionville? more »

Haiti - President Martelly nan dezyem Jounen Rankont ak Parti Politique yo, 18 Decembre 2014

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly Rankontre ak Pati Politik Opposition yo President Michel Martelly rive nan Ritz Kinam nan moman pou kontinye rankont li ak plizyè pati politik... La presse deja reporte ke Parti Remnem Haiti, parti Jean Henri Ceant, ak lot pati politik ak regroupman politik gen pou rankontre ak chef leta a... more »

Haiti - Martelly MAZORA, President Martelly pat janm gen DAN nan BOUCH li, Declaration Senateur Francois Anick Joseph

Senateur Francois Anick Joseph "Eske Prezidan Martelly te janm gen dan nan bouch li?" Se sa Senatè Francois Anick Joseph te mande sou antenn radio Magik9, jounen Jeudi 18 Desanm 2014 la, apre jounalis la te di li: "Yo retire tout dan nan bouch li [Prezidan Martelly], Lamothe ale, gen yon seri de moun nan CEP li te mete, li di yo f-on tchoula kò nou..." more »

Haiti Politics - Martelly met with Hard Wing Opposition Leaders, Including Fanmi LAVALAS, Wednesday

PHOTO: Haiti meeting - President Martelly and Fanmi Lavalas There was a meeting between Haiti president Michel Martelly and the leaders of the hard wing opposition Wednesday 17 Dec 2014... Martelly met with FUSION, Kontra Pèp, INITE, Ayisyen pou Ayiti, and Fanmi LAVALAS... more »

Haiti - List of Potential Prime Ministers to Replace Laurent Lamothe...

Haiti - Premiere Minis Laurent Lamothe pwal pale talè konsa There are a total of 12 possible candidates to replace Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister of Haiti... The list contain names that may shock you or WOW you... Let's take a look... more »

Haiti - President Martelly Meeting Opposition Wednesday, MOPOD says: We're not Going...

Martelly - MOPOD di Demisyon Haiti president Michel Martelly is scheduled to meet with the members of the opposition on Wednesday17 December 2014 at the Ritz Kinam I Hotel... MOPOD announced they are NOT going... more »

Haiti - Laurent Lamothe says Farewell to co-workers at La Primature

PHOTO: Haiti - Laurent Lamothe says Farewell to co-workers at La Primature Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe greeted his staff before leaving... Surrounded by employees, the head of the outgoing government expressed himself about the quality of collaboration offered by each and eveyrone that allowed him to serve the people and to advance the cause of the Haitian population... more »

Lucie Tondreau Found GUILTY of Mortgate Fraud

Haitian North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau in Handcuffs Lucie Tondreau, the suspended Haitian-American mayor of North Miami was found guilty of mortgage fraud Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014, by a federal jury... Lucie Tondreau now faces up to 30 years in prison... Sentencing is set for March 20 2014... more »

Mirlande Manigat as Next Prime Minister of Haiti, says Gary Pierre Paul of Radio Scoop FM

Michel Martelly Kissing Mirlande Manigat Haiti President Michel Martelly should choose none other than Mirlande Manigat to replace Laurent Lamothe as the next prime Minister of Haiti, according to journalist Gary Pierre Paul Charles of Radio Scoop FM... Hmmmm... LOL... more »

Miragoane Haiti Manifestation - Moun pran lari pou di Aba Martelly Mardi 16 Desanm 2014

A Tire Burning - Protest in Haiti Mezanmi, Haiti Press network reporte ke plizyè santèn moun pran lari nan vil Miragwàn pou mande depa prezidan Michel Martelly. more »