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Haiti Politics - The biggest looser often has the loudest mouth

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog If you follow Haitian politics you will realize that the biggest mouth in politics is not necessarily the best qualified or the most popular... Who will stop these sore losers from declaring victory ahead of the official results in the upcoming elections? more »

Haiti Elections - Senator Edwin Zenny says: "I am candidate for President at 50 percent"

Senator Edwin Zenny Haiti Senator Edwin 'Edo' Zenny announces his intentions to run for president in the upcoming elections but at this time he is only 50 percent sure he will run for office... LOL... more »

Haiti Elections: President Martelly tells voters to Wait his Call on who to vote for

PHOTO: Haiti - PM Laurent Lamothe ak President Martelly - Gouvenman Lakay ou La Gonave Haiti President Martelly is confident his PHTK political party candidates will win the upcoming elections. President Martelly ask the population to wait for his call on who to vote for Senator and Depute... more »

Elections doubt increase in Haiti

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog More and more people are doubting if there will be any elections in Haiti this year. They are just TOO MANY political parties, something that will lead to an insane number of candidates... Prime minister Evans Paul is currently in a popular hotel in the capital trying to convince all the political parties to regroup into platforms... more »

Haiti - Senator Bien-Aime still believes there will be NO Elections

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator There will be NO Elections in Haiti, says Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime... The opposition senator senator still believes that all the efforts to hold elections in Haiti is a big waste of time... a big SHOW will lead to nowhere... more »

Haiti Elections candidates Registration suffering from a SLOW start

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Registration of Candidates for senators and deputes in the upcoming Haiti elections is seeing a very slow start... One of the requirements by the Electoral Council (CEP) for each political party to pre-register all their candidates online seems to be more difficult than anticipated... more »

Haiti Elections - Platfom Pitit Desalin has NOT yet chosen a Presidential Candidate, Moise Jean-Charles said

PHOTO: Haiti - Gade Senatè Moise Jean Charles ak Drapo li vlope nan vant li... Former Haiti opposition Senator Moise Jean-Charles made it clear that his political platform Pitit Desallin has not yet decided who will represent them as candidate for president in the upcoming elections... more »

Haiti - Senator Desras Candidate for President but has yet to say which Political Party

Dieuseul Simon Desras - Senateur De La Republique d'Haiti Haiti Elections update: Fomer Senator Desras Simon Dieuseul announced he is a Candidate for President and no other candidate is better than him; however, Senator Desras has yet to say which Political Party banner he will be running under... more »

Haiti Senator Andris Riche Call Court of Auditors to reconsider decision not to issue Clearance Certificates to potential Candidates

Haiti Senateur Andris Riche Haiti senate president Andris Riche is asking the judges at the Superior Court of Auditors (la cour supérieure des comptes) to reconsider their decision not to issues clearance certificates (decharge) to former state Ministers and officials administering government money who want to be candidates in the upcoming elections... more »

Haiti electoral bureaus, BEDs and BECs now accepting Candidate Registration

All over Haiti, departmental and communal electoral bureaus, BEDs and BECs, have officially begun accepting candidate registrations... If you want to run for office, be it CAZEC, AZEC, Magistrat, depute, Senator, or President of the Republic, now is the time to submit your application. more »