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Haiti Elections - President Debate in South Florida, How did it Go?

PHOTO: Haiti Presidential Debate in North Miami Florida Haiti Elections Update -- There was a Haitian presidential debate in South Florida Sunday... 8 Candidates for president participated... If you want to get a good idea how it went, we suggest you read this article from the Miami Herald about it... more »

Haiti - Imagine that: A Transitional Government, Desras Dieuseul President, Mirlande Manigat Prime Minister

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a Haiti Elections Update -- Believe it or NOT, here is what is being discussed on Haitian radio today... A Transitional Government with Desras Simon Dieuseul as President of the Republic, Mirlande Manigat Prime Minister, with a bunch ministers including Demonde Suplice Beauzile, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, and Charles Henri Baker... more »

Haiti - Candidate Maryse Narcisse Backs Out of an Interview with Valery Numa

PHOTO: Haiti - Valery Numa - Radio Vision 2000 Haiti LAVALAS Candidate for President Maryse Narcisse decided to back out of a radio interview with Valery Numa on Haiti Radio Vision 2000... more »

Haiti Elections - CEP says: We have not yet received Nehemie Joseph's Resignation Letter

PHOTO: Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Haiti Elections - Electoral Council (CEP) president Pierre Louis Opont told the Haitian Media Friday: "We do not have a copy of the [Nehemie Joseph] Resignation Letter, like you we heard about it in the news media..." more »

Haiti Politique - Sauveur Pierre Etienne compare FIN Martelly ak 2 ancien president ki te mouri EKZEKITE avan FIN Mandat yo

Sauveur Pierre Etienne - OPL 2 Haitien an nou pale... Canditat a la presidence Sauveur Pierre Etienne di sou antenne radio Scoop FM "Ou wè Michel Martelly? M pa ta renmen misye fini tankou ni Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, ni Sylvain Salnave!" Haitien, NOTEZ BIEN... 2 presidents sa yo, pep la te linche yonn ladan yo apre opposition an te rantre pran li andedan Ambasade La France la, lòt la te juger, condamné à mort puis exécuté sur le champ... Ki mesaj Sauveur Pierre Etienne ap fe pase laa??? more »

FLASH : Haiti Elections - Nehemie Joseph Resigns from Electoral Council (CEP)

Néhémie Joseph BREAKING NEWS - Haiti Elections -- Maitre Nehemie Joseph has just resigned from the Electoral Council (CEP)... In a letter addressed to President Michel Martelly, Nehemie Joseph said he can't take it no more so he has decided to throw in the towel... more »

Haiti Elections - Aristide Speech LOADED with CONFUSION, Radio Journalist Reports

PHOTO: Haiti - President Aristide Speaking in front of his House in Tabarre 30 Sept 2015 Haiti Elections Update - Former president Jean Bertrand Aristide created more CONFUSION among his supporters following his coming-out-of-hiding speech, says a Radio Signal FM news reporter.... On one hand, Aristide is calling for the cancellation of the first round legislative elections, on the other hand, he is asking supporters to vote Maryse Narcisse and all LAVALAS candidates going to the second rounds... more »

John Kerry is Coming to Haiti Tuesday, 06 October

US Secretary John Kerry and Haiti President Martelly Watch World Cup Game Before Panamanian Presidential Inaugural Haiti Foreign Relations --- US Secretary of State John Kerry is coming to Haiti Tuesday, 06 Oct 2015, for a visit by invitation of Haiti president Michel Martelly... more »

Haiti Elections - President Aristide di a kle, se Maryse Narcisse li vle kom Prezidan Peyi a

PHOTO: Haiti Elections - President Aristide di Pep la VOTE Maryse Narcisse Haiti Elections Update -- Ex President Jean Bertrand Aristide di: "Fok nou mobilize kont koudeta a jis nou rantre demokratikman nan Palais National ak Doktè Maryse Narcisse kom prezidan peyi a..." Ou dakò oswa ou PA Dakò??? more »

VIDEO: Haiti - Arisitide Breaks His Political Silence, presents Maryse Narcisse as his Candidate for President

PHOTO: Haiti - President Aristide Speaking in front of his House in Tabarre 30 Sept 2015 Haiti Politics - VIDEO: After many years of silence, former president Jean Bertrand Arisitide came out of his mansion in Tabarre to speak in full supprot of Maryse Narcisse, his LAVALAS Candidate for President... Watch the video to listen to what Aristide had to say... more »