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Former Haiti PM Yvon Neptune in court Friday to see Judge Lamarre Belizaire

Yvon Neptune Former Haiti Prime Minister Yvon Neptune had to present himself in front Judge Lamarre Belizaire this Friday to answer question about corruption, embezzlement and money laundering... more »

Haiti - Senator Edwin Zenny propose FIVE Senators resign from their post to end the Electoral Crisis

Senator Edwin Zenny Haitian Politics - What is the best way to beat the group of six Senators in their own Game? Haiti Senator Edwin (Edo) Zenny has an idea... He proposes that FIVE Senators resign from their post, something that would render the senate of the republic NULL and VOID (caduque) and that would end the Electoral crisis in the senate so that elections can be held by the end of the year... more »

Haiti - Senator Andris Riche believes G6 Senators are out of touch with Reality...

Haiti Senateur Andris Riche Haitian Senator Andris Riche is calling on the opposition senators to soften their stance a little in order to facilitate the holding of the elections that is due to take place by the end of the year 2014... Senator Riche believes the Group of six (G6) Senators are out of touch with Reality... more »

Haiti - Senator Moise Jean-Charles calls for formation of a Transitional Government

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles While the Haiti Senate is asking president Michel Martelly to meet with the group of six senators, Senator Moise Jean Charles has other plans... Moise Jean Charles believes that elections are NOT possible with the current administration... The senator calls for a transitional government and general elections in 2015... more »

Haiti - Senate requests meeting between President Martelly and the G6 Senators

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini More Haiti Political talks --- The office of the senate of the Republic sent a letter to President Michel Martelly earlier this week asking for a new meeting with the group of six senators and the political parties and groups (regroupements politiques) of the opposition... more »

Haiti - Senator Francisco de la Cruz wants political dialogues to resume because...

Haiti Senateur Francisco de la Cruz Haiti Senator Francisco de la Cruz is asking for the dialogues to continue between the political actors in Haiti and the government in regards to Elections in Haiti... more »

SCOOP: Haiti - Aristide Arrest Warrant SUSPENDED until further notice...

PHOTO: Haiti - President Aristide Kontan, tout moun ap manyen li... Breaking News - The warrant for the arrest of former Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has been SUSPENDED until further notice following the challenging (French: récusation) of judge Lamarre Belizaire who is handling the case... more »

Haiti - Lawyers Andre Michel and Newton St Juste file complaint against Martelly and Lamothe for Implication in Jail Break

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister must've had the keys to the Prison Civile in Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti because opposition lawyers Andre Michel and Newton St Juste have just filed a complaint in court against Martelly and Lamonthe for the recent Jail Break... more »

Haiti - Prime Minister in Cap Haitien to check Airport Infrastructure work

PHOTO: Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe ap tcheke infrastructure aeroport Cap Haitien Cap Haitien International airport is getting ready for American Airlines to begin flying its passengers to the northern destination and Haiti Prime Minister in Cap Haitien paid a visit to the Airport Monday, 18 Aug 2014, to see how the work is going... more »

Haiti - Jean-Bertrand Aristide is NOT Jesus Christ, Attorney Reynold Georges says

Attorney Reynold Georges - Jean Bertrand Aristide Haitian lawyer Reynold Georges says: Everyone was happy for Jean Claude Duvalier to go to tral BUT... When it comes to former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, many people act like Aristide is Jesus Christ... more »