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Haiti Manifestation : Moise Jean-Charles announces "Operation Tempete"

Senateur Moise Jean-Charles ki ap pale ak la presse Former Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles announces the launch of a new "Operation Tempete" (operation storm) that he says will definitely force president Michel Martelly to resign... more »

Haiti - New Electoral Council (CEP) Installed

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P Haiti has another NEW provisional Electoral Council (CEP) with new members and some old members from the former council... We have the new list for you... Will there be an election finally??? more »

Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS calls Martelly-Paul Government a De Facto govt leaning towards Dictatorship

PHOTO: Haiti - Maryse Narcisse, President Michel Martelly For Fanmi LAVALAS the government of Michel Martelly and Evans Paul is nothing but a De Facto regime that is leaning towards a Dictatorship... "After years of struggle, the Haitian people finds itself once again under a De Facto regime that is trying to materialize a dictatorship," Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi Lavalas said in a statement released to the media Monday... more »

Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux NO SHOW for installation of new Communication Minister

Haiti - Installation du nouveau Ministre de la Communication Rotchild Francois Jr In the News today... Former Haiti communication minister Rudy Heriveaux did not show up for the installation of the new Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015... The installation was carried out by Haiti tourism minister more »

Haiti - Assad Volcy says the Country is divided into TWO Sides

Assad Volcy During the 20 jan 2015 street protest, Haiti opposition leader Assad Volcy says: "The country is divided into two sided, Martelly and his friends like PHTK, FUSION, INITE, Kontra Pep, Haitien pou Haiti... and on the other side we have the REAL Opposition: Pitit Dessalines, MOPOD, LAVALAS..." more »

Haiti - Another Anti-Goverment Protest hits the Streets of Port-au-Prince Tuesday...

PHOTO:  Manifestation in Haiti - 20 Janvier 2014 Haiti - Another Anti-Goverment manifestation has just started in the streets of Port-au-Prince Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015, demanding that President Michel Martelly leave office... Many opposition leaders are participating in this protest according to news reports... more »

Haiti - Armed Gunmen Attack FUSION Political Party Headquarters

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile FUSION Two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on the headquarters of the FUSION of Social Democrats political party located in Christ Roi Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015, according Rosemond Pradel, a party board member... more »

Haiti Politik - Senate Desras di Manda li poko fini

Dieuseul Simon Desras - Senateur De La Republique d'Haiti Senatè Desras Simon Dieuseul di Manda li poki fini, Desras di Manda li ap fini an 2017... Dapre Valery Numa sou antenne Radio Vision 2000, Desras genyen yon kat ki prouve sa... more »

Haiti - Danton Leger says: "I am still a Depute, and I am not Crazy!"

PHOTO: Haiti Depute Jean Danton Léger Haiti's ex-Depute of Leogane, Danton Leger says he is STILL a depute "en Funciton" and gives former Senate president Desras Simon Dieuseul one week deadline to call a General assembly or else... Kisa??? more »

Haiti - New Government Formed - List of Ministers and Secretaries of State

PHOTO: Haiti President Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul Haiti has a brand new Government 48 hours after the installation of Evans Paul as Prime Minister... The new government has 18 Ministers and 16 Secretaries of states... 8 old ministers remain, 9 ole Secretaries of State remain... more »