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Aristide Is In The News Again.Aristide!Aristide!Aristide!

Only few hundred are screaming Aristide,Aristide!Aristide!Aristide!. As for me,Jean Pierre Alexandre"i say" Fockk Aristide!Fockk Aristide... more »

RE: Did You Know About The Wikileaks Cable On Jean Bertrand Aristide?

yes DR D let them know they always talking shit about aristide but aristide is a real leader so bann ti restavek blan kap pale aristide mal yo al... more »

Re: RED ALERT - MINUSTAH Caught Dumping Feces Near Guayamouc River In...

Please,can someone show them Aristide house in Tabarre. They should dump their feces in Aristide house every week until they get out of the country... more »

RE: The Young Haitian Who Leaked The MINUSTAH Rape Video Receives Death...

I am sorry Jean Pierre, I did not mean you voted for Aristide, I can tell by the way you think, Aristide can not be a motivator for you. I was... more »

RE: Aristide Is In The News Again.Aristide!Aristide!Aristide!

Hundreds of demonstrators are marching through Haiti's capital to mark the anniversary of the ouster of two-time President Jean Bertrand Aristide... more »

RE: Duvalier And Aristide's Return Will Push Haiti Closer To Turmoil, A...

Mwen pa fe Aristide confiance neg sa se diable. specialement si Michel Martelly President, si yon problem aristide pral ye. nou songe GNB, Michel te... more »

RE: Guy Phillipe Now Backs Ex-Haiti President Aristide

Bernadette, don't feel sorry for Guy Phillipe yet, I think there is a method to his madness. He is creating an instant fame by attaching himself... more »

Aristide and Baby Eating Ceremony

HAITI VODOO: ARISTIDE AND THE BABY - Friday October 15, 2010 Sacrificing of a new born baby in order to keep President Jean Bertrand... more »


Agent-x,do you know the difference between you and Aristide? Well, i will tell you. Aristide know very well his limitation.As for you,you don't know... more »

Re: The Real Reason Aristide Wants To Return To Haiti BEFORE The...

I think both Aristide and Preval ap jwe yon politic sal yon ak lot. Preval trying to get him to Haiti to ruin the election by either hoping Aristide... more »